Step up your grilled cheese: Bacon and Avocado Cheese Sandwiches

Step up this all time classic sandwich with some crispy bacon, creamy avocado, and melted cheese!

Summer Veggie Rolls

1.5 months until summer. No more homework, a lot less stress, and a lot more time for cooking! Not to mention the awesome availability of produce from the farmer’s market. These vegan summer rolls capture the light, colorful, and fresh aspects of the season. No wonder they are called summer rolls 🙂

The Best Avocado Bacon Sandwich You Will Ever Have

This is my sister’s absolute favorite grilled cheese sandwich. When she was in highschool and had to make herself weekend lunches, this was her go to. She usually just made it on plain white artisan bread, but I added my own twist: jalapeno cheese bread. I love the bite it adds, and so does my sister.  

Kale Quinoa Bowl

This dish is gluten free, vegan, and clean! Perfect if you want something quick and easy as it is ready in 20 minutes. Not to mention filling and protein-packed. The fresh ginger really makes this dish and make it light and fresh.