Thanksgiving Bark – Butterscotch and Peanut Butter

An addicting and sweet butterscotch-based chocolate bark, perfect for the fall season!


Cookie Crumb Caramel Brownie

A rich brownie layered with caramel, chocolate chips, and a crumbly cookie topping that will melt in your mouth!


I’m Back with Biscotti {Lemon + Cardamom and Chocolate Chip}

Long time, no post. Sorry about that. Hopefully these crispy, delectable biscotti will make up for it. It is not only one recipe, but TWO: lemon – cardamom and classic chocolate chip.  I made these before I went on vacation as a small thank-you gift to my incredible teachers for the tough past school year. Reflecting on the school makes me realize how much I am ready for summer. So as my last hurrah of the school year, these biscotti were made and sent out in cute little bags. For those that know me, they know that I get a little obsessed with lemon in the summertime. Anything lemon from lemonade to lemon toothpaste, I can’t help it – it’s just so good and citrus-y. So when I came across this recipe, my heart melted a little. Lemon and cardamom? I’m in! But I also wanted to eat chocolate that […]