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Hey there, I’m Eleni!

Though I am just starting out with blogging, I have been baking and experimenting with food ever since I could hold a whisk in my hand. I hope to share with you my cooking adventures. I like to make clean, healthy foods, however, most of my dessert type treats, such as this one or this one, are still in their full sugary glory.

A little about myself… along with my passion of cooking, I may have an obsession with Pinterest and Netflix. I love, LOVE, to play soccer, which a lot of the times, takes up my whole week.  When I am not playing soccer, you can probably find me at the gym. Nevertheless, I always manage to make my mom’s kitchen a mess. I also like to try anything and everything that I stumble upon on Pinterest. I hope to inspire others with my cooking endeavors and whatever else I come across.

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