A Realization: Why I decided to change my blog from baking to healthy living

It’s been awhile since I posted. I think that’s because in the past couple of years I became serious about my health and fitness journey. More to come on that later. As I became more and more invested into fitness,  I drew away from my blog because I felt like a baking blog with such sugary treats would do my journey no good (somehow I always end up eating the batter). In the last month I realized I wanted to continue blogging — I like being able to share what I am doing — but now about another aspect of my life. Instead of focusing on mostly baking,  I’ve decided to change my theme and craft my blog into a space that reflects what is going on in my life: my own healthy active lifestyle. More specifically,  how I am going to continue that in college. For those that don’t know, I am about to embark on my first year of college (at Austin!). I want to share with you the ups and downs of maintaining a healthy lifestyle in college: attempting to find clean foods on campus, training in the gym, trying new workouts,  playing intramural sports (and maybe club soccer), trying to become a better version of myself,  and creating a plan to do exactly that.


I think when I first started Finding Baker’s Bliss in my sophomore year of high school,  I had named it “Finding Baker’s Bliss” because baking was a stress reliever, it made me happy — it was my bliss. And it still does make me happy and I do still love to bake. But perhaps now after going through my last two years of high school where I prioritized my health,  I realized that my blog should more accurately be named “Finding Bliss in Health and Fitness”. But that’s too long and frankly not catchy. Maybe it should be called “Diary of a Fit Girl” because that is what I want this blog to be about. A diary where I share exactly what I am doing and the goals I set for myself and the struggles I face trying to get there — hold myself accountable. A diary where I hope to inspire others stuck on their own health journey by providing workout ideas and healthy recipe ideas.


In a college essay I wrote about how living a healthy lifestyle is my passion. When I made changes to my diet and training, I noticed I had more energy, felt better inside and out, became fitter than I ever was, and most importantly felt confident.  These results have made me want to share this passion with whoever reads this.  In the next few blog posts,  I’ll talk more about my views on what “healthy and fit” means to me (as everyone has a different opinion) and what this blog will consist of. For now, I hope that you join me in this new stage in my life!


I’ll be posting my journey on Instagram as well.

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